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Breckinridge County United Economic Development strives to grow our county's economy and increase the standard of living for all of its citizens through the recruitment of new industry, the continued retention and expansion of our existing local businesses, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and small business development. We seek also to support initiatives regarding education, culture, civics, and public health, knowing that a healthy, well-educated, and engaged community is essential for long term economic stability.

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Invest in real estate for industrial development, so that we can improve our county’s inventory of available sites for prospective businesses.

Continue building and improving a local existing business program.

Support programs and initiatives that help cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in the community.

Partner with our schools, businesses, and other local organizations to promote workforce development and all forms of post-secondary education.

Pursue targeted fundraising initiatives in order to grow Breckinridge United’s budget and allow for greater investment in our community.

The Breckinridge County United Board of Directors is made up of representatives from our local government, our healthcare industry, our schools, utility companies, and small businesses. We are group with diverse interests and experiences which we are able to bring together to benefit our community.


Breckniridge County United Economic Development - Board of Directors - Todd Blackburn

Todd Blackburn

Director Corporate Compliance
& External Affairs
Meade County RECC
Neal Bland - Owner, Gentry's General Store

Neal Bland

Adam Butler - Owner, Butler's Wrecker Service

Adam Butler

Butler's Wrecker Service
Nick Carter - Superintendent Breckinridge County School District

Dr. Nick Carter

Joey Crist - Owner, Crist Propane Services

Joey Crist

Meredith Dubree - Executive Director, Breckinridge County United, Economic Development

Meredith Dubree

Executive Director,
Breckinridge County United
Keith Haynes - Superintendent, Cloverport Independent Schools

Keith Haynes

John Henning - Breck United Board of Directors (2)

John Henning

Agricultural Respresentative
Matt Kennedy - Breck United Board of Directors

Matt Kennedy

Field Machining Division,
ATLAS Machine & Supply
Maurice Lucas - Breckinridge County Judge Executive

Maurice Lucas

Breckinridge County
Judge Executive
Nancy Lucas - Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Lucas

Alison Mattingly - Director of Marketing, Breckinridge Health, INC

Alison Mattingly

Director of Marketing,
Breckinridge Health Inc.
Angela Portman - Breck United Board of Directors

Angel Portman

Chief Executive Officer,
Breckinridge Health Inc.
Brad Norsworthy - Agent, Kentucky Farm Bureau

Brad Norsworthy



For more information about our other objectives, please view our most recent Dynamic Plan. In this plan, we have gathered information regarding our goals, priorities, and strategies, including in-depth analysis on community characteristics.

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Breckinridge County United Dynamic Plan 2022 - Cover

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